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Pipe Design Training Courses

These Training Courses are for:

Pipe Designers
CAD Operators
Mechanical Engineers
Process Engineers
Utility Engineers
Pipe Welders
Plant Maintenance Personnel

These courses currently cover: Pipe Design and Engineering, Bioprocessing Pipe Design and Engineering, Design for Hazardous Pipe Systems, Steam System Design.

ASME B31.3-2010 - Process Piping

ISBN 9780791833162

396 pages
Rules for this Code section have been developed considering piping typically found in petroleum refineries; chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, semiconductor, and cryogenic plants; and related processing plants and terminals.

Order at: http://www.asme.org/products/codes---standards/process-piping-(6)

ASME BPE-2009 Bioprocessing Equipment

232 pages
This Standard deals with the requirements applicable to the design used in the bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, and personal care product industries, covering directly or indirectly the subjects of materials, design, fabrication, pressure systems (vessels and piping), examination, inspection, testing, and certification.

Order at: http://www.asme.org/products/codes---standards/bioprocessing-equipment-(2)

Go to our Pipe Design and Engineering Discussion Forum and see if you have an answer for some of the questions that are posted there. Click on BULLETIN BOARD to go there. Or, if you have have a question click on POST THIS QUESTION and send us a question you would like to see posted for an answer.

For non-English speaking designers & engineers wishing to submit their CV to the US and other English speaking countries, and for any other designer/engineer wishing to create a resume' and have that resume' submitted to over 100 contract firms, please click this link to learn more.

In our ongoing effort at providing you the best possible resources and opportunities for employment we have assembled the best sources for locating jobs on the internet. Combined, these job sources provide access to thousands of design and engineering positions both permanent and temporary.

As with our US job source page the International Jobs page offers access to millions of jobs throughout the world. We determined that this would be the best means possible at providing you access to the largest amount of jobs. These employment search engines and directories are listed by region or country.

Piping Design Assistance?
If you're looking for cost effective, expert assistance in piping design (either CAD or manual), engineering, walkdowns for mechanical completion verification or P&ID upgrades, ancillary validation (FDA: CFR Title 21, Subchapter 'C', Parts 210 & 211), specification and procedural writing, field design, construction, steam and/or condensate system analysis contact the Piping News. Augment your current project team, request written procedures or specifications, keep your personnel in the office and request experienced temporary personnel be sent to or assigned to field activities; have only one or two days, or a couple of weeks worth of CAD work chasing red lines? Contact the Piping News. We have tremendous resources

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Check out our
B o o k S h e l f
p a g e s
The Piping News Book Shelf pages contain a list of books, by category, that are both educational and helpful in the day to day activities of Designers, Engineers and CAD Operators.
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Ask a question, make a comment, respond to a question or comment, let friends and colleagues know where you are, or try to notify someone you've lost touch with. With tens of thousands of viewers each month you can take advantage of this large and diverse community of designers, engineers and constructors. It's like having a huge office of colleagues that can assist you when you get into unfamiliar territory on a project ...and we've all been there. That resource is Piping News and it's available to you ... take advantage of it.

This web site is your personal design and engineering  tool.

To all of you Piping and Mechanical Designers and Engineers, to all of you Construction engineers we're just a laptop and a phone jack away. Plug us in while on site or in the field to run your flow calculations, size pumps, size hangers and perform many other design activities. Please read on to see what's taking place with the Piping News Report interactive web site. This is not going to be just another static site where we provide you with news and jobs. We want you to be able to interact with this site.

True to the statement made when first creating this web site and the Newsletter we are about to make some changes. Changes that will make the subscription cost equitable for everyone, allowing us to provide you with more news, more timely news, more job postings and more design & engineering articles in addition to the interactive forms.

Besides posting available jobs and news articles pertaining to the industries (refining, pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, power, etc.), upcoming articles will discuss:

Plant layout
Validation procedures
Mechanical checkout procedures
Valve selection
Forms for:
        Pipe sizing
        Pump sizing
        Pipe line schedule
        (and many more)
Useful calculations
Listen to the internal sounds of an operating steam trap
Steam tracing design
Pipe insulation selection

And so much more in the way of informing, educating and assisting anyone and everyone interested in the mechanical design and engineering of pipe and HVAC systems. How would you like be able to log on while on site or in the office and size pipe, size duct, size a pump, determine velocity of a gas or liquid, determine the pressure drop of liquid or compressible flow, size constant and variable load spring hangers, size condensate return lines carrying two phase flow and more simply by entering the necessary information and getting the results right then. You can by connecting to the Piping News web site.

We can serve as your main design/engineering resource while in the field on a retrofit job, or on site during construction attempting to resolve design questions in an effort to keep construction moving, or in the design office attempting to size pipe or determine flange ratings. It will all be right here.

Piping News Report is not just about news articles regarding active projects around the world or available jobs around the world, it's also about learning how to do a better job which, in turn, creates more of a demand for your services which translates into higher pay and job security. We want this site to be a daily design and construction tool. We want you to use this as your resource for design, construction, news and jobs.

As this site undergoes its development we want it to ultimately function as a point of reference for those individuals who's career revolves around the various industrial and commercial Design and Engineering fields. Whether you're in Piping, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical/ Instrumentation, Civil, Purchasing, Scheduling or any other related activity, we hope you find this web site a very useful tool of the trade. We hope you enjoy it and support it with your input.

Thank You 

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