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We have sought out books of interest for Designers, Engineers, CAD Operators and Construction Professionals. They have been categorized and described, when possible, to further help you determine if any of them are suitable for your book shelf. By clicking on one of the categories to the left, or below, you will be taken to a page containing a list of books, along with their description when available, for that selected category.

Some books have become industry bibles but are difficult to find. If you are looking for one of these books, in particular, let us know by e-mail and we will do our best to locate it for you without charge. All we will do is locate the source, if we can, and forward that information to you without obligation.

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MECHANICAL: Books on Piping, Fluid Flow, Design/Drafting, Hydraulics, Material Mechanics, HVAC, etc.

PETRO-CHEMICAL: These books cover Plant Design, System Design, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc.

WELDING/METALLURGY: Books covering welding from a design standpoint and a welders standpoint, Metal and Corrosion Engineering.

CAD: These books cover the many different aspects of today's CAD programs. Used both as training tools and reference guides.

CONSTRUCTION: Books that cover construction ranging from guides for the trainee to information for the seasoned project manager.

DESIGN/DRAFTING: Various books on Plant Design, Piping Design, Drafting, etc.

GENERAL: Books in this category will cover various aspects of design engineering such as Safety, Estimating, Scheduling, etc.

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