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Project Management : A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling
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by Harold Kerzner
Amazon's Price: $65.00 (ISBN: 0471288357)
Hardcover 6th edition (December 1997)

Review: Booknews, Inc. , February 1, 1995
A revised, updated, and reorganized text/reference for undergraduate or graduate courses in both business and engineering, as well as for functional managers and upper-level executives who must provide continuous support to all projects. It explains the characteristics of every size and type of group, presents the basics of systems theory and organizational structure, and provides practical advice on how to conceive, staff, and guide a project management department for maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency. Expanded sections include communication, analysis of reporting relationships, and cost estimating. New chapters discuss concurrent engineering and project management, risk management, and contractual arrangements. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Synopsis: This widely acclaimed classic reference has been completely revised and reorganized, providing readers at all levels of experience with an authoritative, up-to-date source that's easier than ever to see. New to this edition are updates to all chapters. Newly released Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge updates throughout. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

A business world classic, Project Management has for years served as the definitive text on the process of overseeing a project from conception to reality. Now this widely acclaimed reference has been updated and reorganized to provide readers at every level on authoritative, current source that's easier than ever to use. Reflecting the latest additions to the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge, this Sixth Edition contains new material on project risk management, quality management, cost control, and project management software tools.

Project Planning, Scheduling & Control : A Hands-On Guide to Bringing Projects in on Time and on Budget
by James P. Lewis

Amazon's Price: $31.50 (ISBN: 1557388695)
Hardcover 2nd edition (October 1995)

Description: Project Planning, Scheduling and Control is an applications-oriented guide for anyone for any type of project-from information systems, construction, and engineering to product development, marketing, and manufacturing. This completely revised edition addresses key issues in continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Dr. Lewis has added a set of questions at the end of each chapter so that the reader may test his or her understanding of the subject matter. Specific topics addressed include: how to decide if project management is needed; setting up the seven components of a project management system; applying the method of paired comparison to establish priorities and objectives; the eight areas for planning and the project manager's role.

The first edition of Project Planning, Scheduling & Control has gained widespread recognition and acclaim since its publication in 1991, and has made its mark as the first practical book on project management to come along in over 10 years. This revised edition expands and improves on the outstanding reputation of the first, and addresses recent key issues as continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. It now includes questions following each chapter, making it easier to learn and apply the principles, tools, and techniques this resource contains. Project Planning, Scheduling & Control concludes with a sample project plan that incorporates all the elements in the text. Managers will find this to be extremely valuable as a tool for tailoring a program that meets the needs of their own projects. More than just a book on project management, Project Planning, Scheduling & Control gives you the tools to make your projects a success.

The author, Jim Lewis : , April 18, 1999
Nature of book: I wrote this book for practitioners, who need step-by-step procedures for managing projects, without a lot of theory that might not work. My method of managing projects can be used on any kind of project, and has been tried in construction, pharmaceuticals, R&D, and marketing. I am pleased that most readers have found the book useful. If you have suggestions for improving it, please send them to me at Happy reading.

Construction Planning and Scheduling
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by Jimmie W. Hinze
Amazon's Price: $70.30 (ISBN:  013541301X)
Hardcover - 400 pages (September 1997)

Review: Booknews, Inc.
The author proposes that the effective use of construction schedules begins with a viable network model. After an initial consideration of arrow diagramming, he focuses on precedence diagrams in the remainder of the discussion. Topics include accurate time estimates for activity duration, contract provisions, the impact of scheduling on cash flow, resource leveling and allocation, computer applications, earned value concepts, short-interval and linear scheduling, and probabilistic duration estimates.

From the Back Cover
Presents a straightforward and comprehensive introduction to the techniques of construction scheduling as well as a wide range of related topics. Construction Scheduling includes discussions on the relationship of contract provisions to construction scheduling; the effects of management decisions on a construction schedule; and the concept of Linear Scheduling. It also presents a treatise on Short Interval Scheduling. An essential reference book for any professional or tradesman involved in or responsible for construction scheduling or supervising a construction project.

Construction Project Management : Planning and Scheduling
by Henry F.W. Naylor

Amazon's Price: $73.95 (ISBN: 0827357338)
Hardcover (June 1995)

Description: unique sequential approach to construction project management this text describes pencil and paper techniques for establishing project goals and objectives arranging the set goals into a network and determining a time schedule for reaching the objectives. By covering the basics of preparing project schedules a firm foundation is built for readers before they proceed into constructing task networks and developing more advanced computer applications.

Construction Project Scheduling (McGraw-Hill Series in Construction Engineering and Project Management)
by Michael T. Callahan, Daniel G. Quackenbush, James Rowings

Amazon's Price: $91.25 (ISBN:  0070097011)
Hardcover - 439 pages (November 1991)

Description: None available.

Managing the Construction Process : Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Control
by Frederick E. Gould

Amazon's Price: $72.45 (ISBN:  0133523373)
Hardcover - 400 pages (January 1997)

Review: The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology
Comprehensive and unique in its perspective, this text covers all areas of the Construction Management industry -- with a balanced focus on both theory and practicality. It helps students gain a knowledge of the Building Industry as a whole and the technical skills required to manage a construction project from conception through occupancy.

From the Back Cover: Comprehensive and unique in its perspective, this book covers all areas of theConstruction Management industry, with a balanced focus on both theory andpracticality. It helps readers gain a knowledge of the Building Industry as awhole and the technical skills required to manage a construction project fromconception through occupancy. Focuses on the project controltools necessary to manage a project from conception through occupancy.Introduces each of the four major sections with background theory andfundamentals, followed by practical applications. This book contains sidebarsthat highlight the opinions of respected industry people and that discusstopics of related interest. Illustrations are frequently used throughout thebook. Provides chapter review questions and exercises.

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