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1. BOCA     Building Officials and Code Administrators
Founded in 1915, Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc., is a nonprofit membership association, comprised of more than 14,000 members who span the building community, from code enforcement officials to materials manufacturers. We are dedicated to preserving the public health, safety and welfare in the built environment through the effective, efficient use and enforcement of Model Codes. BOCA provides a unique opportunity for any individual to join and derive the benefits of membership. Our members are professionals who are directly or indirectly engaged in the construction and regulatory process.

2. BOMA    The Building Owners and Managers Association
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a premier network of over 17,000 commercial real estate professionals.
BOMA International was founded in 1907 as the National Association of Building Owners and Managers. The association assumed its present name in 1968 as it broadened its reach to include Canada and participants from around the globe. Today BOMA International represents over 100 North American and nine overseas associations in Australia, Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and South Africa. BOMA's North American membership represents a combined total of more than six billion square feet of office space.

BOMA provides a network forum for industry professionals to discuss mutual problems, exchange ideas and share experience and knowledge.

3. BRE      British Research Engineers
British Research Engineers (BRE) is the UK's leading centre of expertise on building and construction, and the prevention and control of fire. Our expertise, developed over the past 76 years, is available to all in the construction and associated industries, from multi-national companies and government departments to individual designers, builders and home owners.
BRE has around 350 professional research and consulting staff who operate within centres of excellence focusing on core capabilities: these are covered in the menu across the top of this site (if the menu frames haven't loaded, click here)
BRE is owned by the Foundation for the Built Environment, a non-profit distributing body that purchased BRE from the government in March 1997. This ownership lets us remain independent from specific commercial interests, safeguarding our reputation for objective and impartial research and advice.

4. BRT     The Business Roundtable
The Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. corporations with a combined workforce of more than 10 million employees in the United States. The chief executives are committed to advocating public policies that foster vigorous economic growth; a dynamic global economy; and a well-trained and productive U.S. workforce essential for future competitiveness. Established in 1972, the Roundtable was founded in the belief that chief executives of major corporations should take an increased role in the continuing debates about public policy.
A principal strength of the Roundtable is the extent of participation by the chief executive officers of the member companies. The Roundtable is selective in the issues it studies; a principal criterion is the impact the problem will have on the economic well-being of the nation. Working in task forces on specific issues, the chief executives direct research, supervise preparation of position papers, recommend policy, and lobby Congress and the Administration on select issues.
The Roundtable believes that the basic interests of business closely parallel the interests of the American people, who are directly involved as consumers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers. Thus, chief executives, although they speak as individuals, have responsibilities which relate to many factors -- including jobs, products, services, and return on investment -- that affect the economic well-being of all Americans.
The Business Roundtable has a single objective -- to promote policies that will lead to sustainable, non-inflationary, long-term growth in the U.S. economy. It is only through such growth that American companies will be able to remain competitive around the world and thus provide the technology and jobs that will continue to improve our standard of living and extend the benefits of that standard to all Americans. To promote growth, competitiveness and exports, the United States must create the right environment for American companies at home and abroad.